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Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 Update: Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 Rumored Specs Could Compete With Top Products, What To Expect? (VIDEO)

Microsoft will not be officially announced the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 this year. Instead, the tech monster is likely to take the wraps off its sought after smartphone in 2018. Speculations are rife on the internet indicating that the Surface Phone 2017 would roll out in three variants and comes along with a foldable display.

Most speculations seem to agree that the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 will be a powerful handset. Rumor has it that Microsoft’s immensely-anticipated device will be a powerful hardware and it may come to go head to head with the market’s top products.

Nevertheless, recent reports are claiming that the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 will come in three distinct variants, according to Capital Wired. There are suggestions that the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 will have a 5.7-inch variant.

While other reports are claiming that there would be 5.5-inch and 6-inch models as well. In any case, there are leaks that all Microsoft Surface Phone adaptations will be made in the onboard memory capacity and the RAM limit.

Nonetheless, another speculative article by Express asserted that the long-awaited Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 will feature a Quick Charge 4.0 that provides a battery life of 5 hours from a 5 minutes of charging.

The different variants of the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 is said to come in hybrid or deluxe, mid-range and high end models. Aside from that, the latest Microsoft Surface Phone is expected with features that resembles the Lumia XL Android smartphone.

Furthermore, the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor is said to ignite the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017. The Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 could be packed with a 6GB of RAM, runs on Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 3 operating system.

The base model of the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 starts at $699, while the high-end version will have a price tag of $1100, Market Exclusive reported. Watch The Video Here: Source: universityherald

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