Tesla’s New Smartphone App Receives Major Overhaul

Tesla's New Smartphone App Receives a Major Overhaul(Photo : Kevork Djansezian / Getty images)

Tesla has released new updates for their applications on major mobile platforms like Android and iOs. The app aims to ease user interaction with the app with a completely redesigned user interface and Touch ID integration for iPhones.

The app also includes quick access for ease of usage. The update was very much essential since the older versions of the app struggled to perform consistently, leading to minor issues like occasional crashes and intermittent failures for certain users.

Tesla, more or less in the app domain lacked a comfortable presence for some time. The new build surely changes all of it which was rolled out recently. Coming to the iOs app interface first, the application on top clearly indicates the amount of mileage the car can provide from the previous charge.

While charging, it also reports the time remaining for a complete charge. On a first glance, the app is now tidier than before and also has the majority of options that owners look out for without any hassles.

Aesthetically it looks much better now hoping for a better customer satisfaction. The app much like before indicates the interior temperatures and also lets user heat the environment, right in the app itself. On-screen options can be expanded for a more detailed outlook and it’s now more simplistic and also not too sophisticated for which the images are available on this report from MacRumors.

Going to the Android side of things, apart from the notifications bar and the menu options, the app more of less remains the same at least in design and icon placements. The android app much like its iOs competitor sees no change for the recent build. The android version of images alongside the old iOs app is seen compared side-to-side on Techno Buffalo.

The report also hoped for a better pairing with the automobile itself in the upcoming updates also adding to the fact that the android app also includes the fingerprint sensor supporting the app. The last major update for Tesla’s apps dates back to 2012. After a gap of four years, a major update is live for all Android and iOs smartphones. Source: latinpost

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